Shoegaze isn’t dead, and dream pop isn’t, either!

I’m kind of excited to make my very first music related post on here. I couldn’t resist because I was recently chatting with an old online friend who often recommends new music to me, and he shared a particular song with me that pulled me in almost instantly. It’s already become an addiction (which involves me just playing it on repeat until I become absolutely sick of it), and this happens pretty infrequently to me these days with modern songs. I’m always looking for a new song that’s special and magical that captures the true essence of dream pop music. In my opinion, a true dream pop song is one full of ethereal, angelic voices and lush, swirling melodies that temporarily takes you away to a beautiful, imaginary land every time you hear it. I hear so many modern bands who aren’t necessarily bad, but their music is so lacking of originality that I feel absolutely no desire to hear them again. But now it looks like I finally found that one song that’s got me hooked!

I’ve been a big fan of shoegaze and dream pop music for the past six or seven years, so I’ve uncovered a lot (though certainly not all!) of music that falls into these genres. Shoegaze and dream pop music reached its peak back in the early to mid-1990s. There was so much good stuff released back then from bands like My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Cranes, The Sundays, Lush, Pale Saints, and many others. So sometimes I feel like I’ve already heard the quality stuff and don’t expect most of the newer bands to match up to those old gems. I’m not denying the fact that are some fantastic shoegaze/dream pop bands who’ve come together in the past decade. I just haven’t been blown away by a song like this in a while, and I’m relieved to know that some of the newer artists are still creating dream pop that’s incredibly ethereal and breathtaking just like that of the ’90s yet sounds new and fresh at the same time.

So without further ado, here’s the song that makes me swoon. Thank you again, Amir, for sharing this with me! The official music video for La Rose by Sleep ∞ Over: