GMOs and Population Control

In the spring of 2009, I became a vegetarian. It seemed like an impossible change in the beginning, but it actually got easier and easier the longer I stuck with it. I’m at the point where I don’t think I could eat a piece of chicken or a hamburger again. I don’t even like to touch meat. I’m proud of myself for making a positive change that will benefit my health while also decreasing support for factory farms where animals are often treated worse than a pile of garbage.

Now the time has come again for another drastic change in my diet. With the recent protests and talk of GMOs, I finally decided today that it’s time to switch to a non-GMO diet. I feel bad for not making this change years ago, and I have no idea what kind of damage has been done to my body because of it. I guess what is most important right now is that I have made the decision to do what I can to stop poisoning my body. I’m sure it will be an adjustment, but I feel the same kind of commitment now that I did back in 2009 to go veggie.

If you’ve researched non-GMO foods and brands, you know how short that list is. All the major food companies are producing GMO foods. The government made claims that GMOs help produce larger yields, which means that more people would be fed. There has been no evidence to suggest that this is true. The reality is that GMOs have not been researched enough, so there is no way of knowing their impact on human health. What we might actually have here is an effort to ruin people’s health and to reduce the population. We live in a scary world where the government takes little responsibility to look out for its people. Is this GMO thing all about money, or is there something much more sinister going on with this push to get all countries to grow GMO crops?

Readers, have any of you adopted a non-GMO diet or is this something you haven’t put much thought into?


3 thoughts on “GMOs and Population Control

  1. I hate the very idea of GMOs! Luckily for me, all GMO products in Europe must be labelled as such, so it’s pretty easy to stick to non-GMO if you want to. I was so upset when the idea of labelling GMO in California failed 😦

    Anyway, I don’t think GMO is about reducing population. I think it’s about money and power. Monsanto already has more power on its hands than most governments have. Personally, I applaud each country that is strong enough to forbid GMO and not give in to Monsanto’s lawyers and lobbyists. Alas, there are not so many…

    It’s a crazy world we’re living in, you know? Sometimes I think that decreasing population would actually be a good thing. Maybe some kind of virus killing humanity would also help. We are destroying this planet, day by day… 😦

    • I recently watched a documentary about GMOs and couldn’t believe Monsanto’s rationale for not wanting to label. They said labeling might confuse consumers and that GMOs are not different from organic and conventional food. How ridiculous is that?! If consumers were really that confused by a GMO label, they need to go get informed about this. And doesn’t the word “modified” imply that something is different and has been changed?

      Even if population control was never Monsanto’s goal, it looks like they might be successful at it anyway. It seems that GMOs are causing cancer and infertility problems, along with other harmful effects.

      I don’t agree with wiping out humanity, but I wish there was a way of targeting all the useless people who are willing to put everyone and their children at risk just so they can make another lousy dollar. I’m growing sick of all the greed and corruption.

      • Something I totally agree with. I can’t believe these people can sleep at night. After all I have discovered since I got interested in the environment and animal protection, I cannot get over the fact that there are human beings eager to do literally anything just to get more, more and yet more money. It’s disgusting really.

        Our only hope is that there are more and more people who are aware of what’s going on, and thanks to the Internet it’s not as easy to hide their dirty tricks as it was before.

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