A Simple Cure for Cancer

Would you think I was crazy if I told you that the cure for cancer might come down to something as simple as vitamins and herbs? Did you know that many people have been able to fight cancer by taking vitamin B-17? Did you know that in some tribes and civilizations across the world, cancer does not even exist? It is believed that those people all remain cancer free because of their healthy diets that are rich in B-17. I feel the need to get all this info out there since I didn’t know about any of it until a few weeks ago, and, of course, no one ever talks about it.

If you were ever diagnosed with cancer, what options would you have? Most people think of surgery and chemotherapy as the only options that are currently available. No one ever thinks of something so simple as nutrition and taking vitamins. We don’t consider cancer to be a vitamin deficiency because we have always been taught to see cancer as some strange, foreign thing that attacks or mutates the cells in our body. Is it possible that we have been deceived purposefully by doctors and the medical industry? What if they want us to see cancer as some strange mystery so that we will feel helpless and be willing to undergo any kind of treatment, no matter how harmful or severe, because we think it will help? Do doctors recommend these harsh, often ineffective treatments simply because they are profitable? Think about it. Cheap, simple cures and healthy people do not help doctors make money. They make money off of patients with chronic illness who require expensive surgeries and medications that don’t cure the illness. Besides, doctors cannot make any money off of vitamins. Vitamins obviously don’t require prescriptions from your doctor. Why would doctors promote nutrition as a means of fighting an illness like cancer? There is absolutely no money in that.

I watched a couple of really good documentaries (Cancer – The Forbidden Cures and A World Without Cancer), and I very strongly encourage you to watch those. It might change the way you see cancer. At the very least, I hope you will hang onto the knowledge you obtain through those videos so that you can consider all your options if you are ever diagnosed with cancer. I have already started increasing my intake of B-17 to help prevent cancer. The simplest way to do this is to start eating the seeds of fruits like apricots, peaches, nectarines, and apples. Crack open the pit of an apricot or a peach and inside you will find an almond shaped seed. The seed is edible but tastes quite bitter, so I find it helpful to chop the seed and mix it with some milk or juice.

Here’s one last thing that might get you thinking about the possibility of vitamins as a cure. B-17 has been banned in the U.S. since the 1970s. Hmm, kind of odd that a vitamin has been banned, don’t you think? The FDA claimed that B-17 contains cyanide and is poisonous. It’s true these seeds contain cyanide, but the cyanide is only released if there are cancerous cells in your body. The cyanide does not attack your normal, healthy cells. If someone tells you that eating the seeds of fruit is dangerous, don’t fall for it. I believe the only way you could be harmed by eating these seeds is if you ate an excessive number of them. Now isn’t it puzzling how chemotherapy is legal in the U.S., yet it is considered a carcinogen and attacks all the cells in your body, both the good and the bad? They’re fighting cancer with something that causes cancer? Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s lots of money in chemotherapy but none in vitamins.

I have read that if you want to buy B-17 capsules, you’ll have to order them from Mexico since they have been banned in the U.S. If you’re interested to know how effective B-17 is at fighting cancer, there’s a lot of testimony found on the internet of people who have fought cancer through vitamin treatment. I don’t want to go into too many more details because I just wanted to get the point across that adequate nutrition might be the cure for cancer. You can find a good amount of information about B-17 on the internet, but I’m also willing to try answering any questions that you may have. If you know someone who has cancer and is suffering, please pass this information along to them. Vitamin treatment just might save their life or, at the very least, help ease some of their pain and suffering. I think this is important knowledge that is being withheld from the public.


6 thoughts on “A Simple Cure for Cancer

  1. Hi. I usually enjoy your posts but unfortunately not this one. B17 is a clinically unproven “treatment” so couldn’t be offered by a doctor with an ounce of ethics before they tried the more conventional treatments available. Also to say doctors are in it for the money casts a low light on a profession who for one have saved my life and the life of many many others but also are part of a caring profession – much like yours in social care.
    I enjoy a conspiracy theory as much as the next person but not about something that’s as heartbreaking a condition as cancer is.

    • You are free to your opinion, but are you willing to watch one of the documentaries to hear another side of the story? B-17 is “a clinically unproven treatment” because the medical industry refused to take the time to properly investigate B-17 and other natural remedies, even though many people with cancer were getting better after receiving them. I don’t think all doctors are greedy and crooked, but medical schools limit the training and education that doctors receive. Our doctors don’t have all the answers and may not be able to deliver the best treatments to us because of the way the industry is set up. They are simply taught to prescribe, prescribe, prescribe, much like modern-day psychiatrists. Even if you didn’t enjoy my post, maybe someone will gain something from it. I can only hope that some people will consider other options and possibilities.

      • I tried watching the 2 videos but I just couldn’t agree with what they were saying. It goes against all my scientific sensibilities and it’s this kind of information that I find dangerous for vulnerable people.

        But either way the information is out there for anyone who needs it. I just hope they speak to a trained medical expert rather than relying on YouTube documentaries to determine their future treatments.

      • I’m sorry you don’t see it the same way. People have a right to choose conventional or alternative treatments, but I am encouraging people to think outside of the box and to consider all options before they accept what a doctor tells them.

        And it’s not about basing everything on a documentary. Instead, documentaries are excellent starting points. If you watch something that peaks your interest, you should absolutely take it to the next level and search for documents and credible sources to back the information. We should never rely on one source of information for facts, but of course, an intelligent person with any common sense at all would agree with that.

      • True, and we should never rely on many unreliable sources of information for facts either.

        I think we should just agree to disagree here.

      • I don’t think huge organizations who are out for profit can always be trusted to give us the most reliable, factual information, either.

        And yes, I definitely agree.

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