Twenty 90’s Fashion Trends I Miss

Today’s post is a little more superficial and carefree than usual. Just wanted to take a minute here to step back on memory lane and comment on the 90’s fashion trends that I miss. Maybe I’m biased since I grew up in the ’90s, but I think it was such an awesome decade when it comes to music, fashion, and movies. My boyfriend tends to be a bit more nostalgic than I am, but we both enjoy reminiscing about “the good ol’ days” from time to time. We believe there was something special about the ’90s, and we’re grateful that we got to experience a time when things seemed simpler and technology hadn’t advanced far enough yet to the point that it consumed our lives.

In the past five or so years, lots of 90’s trends have been revisited, but there are some 90’s trends I won’t revisit because I feel that they simply look a tad too dated. When I’m out thrift store shopping, sometimes I have to refrain from buying those items that scream over the top that they were made in the ’90s. Not saying there’s necessarily anything wrong with looking that way, but I aim for a balance between timeless and vintage.

Now, onto those amazing trends I miss most.

1.) The ultimate 90’s trend that I miss most is velvet. Anything velvet. Velvet shirt, velvet dress, velvet blazer, velvet shoes, velvet purse, velvet leggings…I LOVE velvet! Fortunately, velvet has made a comeback, and there are still plenty of velvet things I can wear from the ’90s without feeling that my look is overly dated.


2.) Colorful, shiny pleather was so fun and awesome! I remember a blue-violet pleather coat from Limited Too that I used to wear in 5th grade (close to the same color as the dress that Mira Sorvino is wearing below). I thought I was so cool, but then I got incredibly annoyed when another girl at my school started wearing the same exact coat.


3.) Plaid miniskirts and cropped angora sweaters were staples in a teen girl’s wardrobe in the ’90s. Done the right way, I believe a similar look could be pulled off today. I bought a couple of plaid skirts from the ’90s a couple years ago, but I’ve never worn them since I haven’t been able to put together the right outfit.


4.) I went through a phase about 3 years ago where I was obsessed with 90’s vests. These little babies are harder to find than I expected. Unfortunately, every thrift store I went to was overflowing with those hideous vests designed for grandmas, teachers, and crazy cat ladies.










5.) Though satin dresses should be considered timeless, I often associate them with the ’90s, especially collared, button-up satin dresses like the one pictured below.

90s56.) Chunky, platform boots just look too dated these days, but I still think they’re better than the boots with super thin stiletto heels that many girls wear today.

90s97.) A complete opposite of the chunky platform boot, the strappy heel was also extremely common back then. Though I’m more drawn to chunky heels, I think the 90’s strappy high heel was quite flattering on women. It helped create more of an elegant, dainty look.


8.) Wow, my head nearly exploded when I first saw these! They are a perfect combination of so many awesome 90’s fashion trends–velvet, strappy, and platform heels! I had a pair similar to these when I was young, except they were faux snakeskin.

90s109.) I’m guessing this look originated in the ’50s or ’60s, but I also associate plaid pants with the ’90s. I once had a bright green pair when I was in 4th/5th grade that I would only wear on Fridays since I reserved that as my dress-up and feel extra awesome day.


10.) Who didn’t love when Drew Barrymore wore daisies in her hair?! Of course people still go for that hippie chic look today by wearing a halo of flowers around their head, but it’s still not the same as this 90’s look. Drew pulled it off so well.

90s611.) Here we are, back to velvet again, but this time it’s velvet duster jackets. When I saw this particular episode of Sex and the City where Carrie was wearing a velvet duster while out on a date with Aleksandr, I immediately wanted one just like it. It screams late ’90s, but I frickin’ love it! I eventually found a black one off eBay that fits perfectly.

90s1712.) Zig-zag parts were a lot of fun, and this is a trend that I’ve not been willing to give up. I still sport the zig-zag from time to time because a straight part just gets boring after a while.

90s1813.) Remember when Madonna and Gwen Stefani w0re Indian art like bindis on their forehead? Or TLC’s video for Unpretty that was inspired by Buddhist and Indian culture? I’m attracted to Indian culture and their fashion, so this is one trend that I truly miss.








14.) Some of my favorite jewelry from the ’90s were yin and yang pendants and choker necklaces.









15.) Butterflies became insanely popular back then! How predictable that my bedroom became butterfly-themed at one point. The only thing I don’t really miss are butterfly tattoos since they became so popular that they eventually turned into something totally predictable and generic.

90s2316.) One thing I really miss about the ’90s was that people seemed to be more interested in aliens and UFOs, or at least they were more comfortable expressing their interest by wearing those “I believe” t-shirts. It became part of our pop culture. There were tv shows like The X-Files, Roswell, and a few specials that aired on FOX that focused on alien encounters and the possibility of life existing on other planets.


17.) I’ve always been a big fan of the 60’s/70’s hippie style, so it’s awesome that we experienced a hippie revival in the ’90s that included everything from lava lamps to mood rings to peace signs and smiley faces on everything.

90s2518.) Pretty much everyone I knew who grew up in the ’90s owned a pair of Doc Martens at some point. The 2 or 3 pairs I owned look hideous when compared to these cute electric blue patent leather mary janes.


19.) Part of the ’70s revival, those groovy polyester shirts were back in style for a little while. My favorite was a short-sleeved brown one with blue and white daisies all over it.

90s2820.) I’m still a fan of crocheted clothing, including cropped crochet halter tops.90s29


Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! Are there any 90’s fashion trends that you miss? Or is there another decade that you prefer when it comes to fashion?

8 thoughts on “Twenty 90’s Fashion Trends I Miss

  1. My days were actually the 80’s but I really started getting out in the 90’s after I got divorced. I remember that I did wear half-shirts and faux leather a lot (black of course) lol.

  2. My purple jeans that I wore until they literally disintegrated! That and the oversize flannel shirts — comfy grunge styles. But I’d forgotten the zigzag parts 😛

    • Purple jeans sound really fun and awesome! And oh yes, I definitely remember the oversized flannel shirts, but that look wasn’t quite feminine enough for me to be too crazy about it. This reminds me, though, of those sleeveless flannel/plaid shirts that tied at the waist, like something a cowgirl would wear 😛 I was definitely a fan of those at one point. Anyway, thanks for commenting!

  3. Yes to velvet! I’m still a fiend for anything that’s made of this gorgeous plush fabric. I also love to rock a good printed polyester shirt from time to time. 🙂

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂 I’m so crazy about velvet that recently I just had to buy a plant for my apartment called purple passion. The leaves on this particular plant look like purple velvet! How awesome is that?!

  4. I absolutely love black leather chunky platform boots, which are my favourite type of boots and were popular when I was at school where many girls wore them with trousers with white socks, which are my favourite colour of socks with those boots. I found those boots so lovely and attractive to see, especially when worn with white socks!

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