Visit my new blog!

newHey, readers! I’m just announcing that I have created a new blog called “Awaken from the Dream” that is focused on increasing awareness and spiritual development. I’m really excited about it, and I hope you are, too! If you’re interested in expanding your mind and aim for personal growth, I think you’ll enjoy what I have to say on there. I just submitted my first post literally minutes ago, so please check it out and consider following my new blog.

Here is the address to the new blog:

I may not post as much new stuff here anymore, but I’m definitely leaving up a lot of what I’ve shared on here because I’m still getting a decent amount of traffic to certain posts. My most popular posts here seem to be ones about INFJs, so I’m glad you other INFJs have successfully found this blog. Hope what I had to say helped you in some way! I may continue making similar posts here about INFJs and other random topics, but I really want to focus more of my time and energy right now on discussing spiritual development. So yeah, hop on over to my new blog, and let me know what you think! I hope to see you there…


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