13 thoughts on “My Fellow INFJs, You Are Perfect As You Are

  1. A lovely post — beautifully written, full of inspiration, hope and reassurance. It was helpful to read and encouraging — thank you. 🙂

  2. Wow that was one fast writing! A beautiful post filled with insight, understanding, and hope (as previously mentioned)!! I just love the way you write and portray situations and feelings. It is direct, emotional, rational, realistic and idealistic at the same time. I am glad I came across your articles and our exchanges the last couple of days were a breath of fresh air and made me see things from a new perspective. A less cynical and melancholical one and in a more optimistic light! And once you change your mindset ,things start moving in a different direction than you first thought. I am sure of it. We only have one life so we might as well live the hell out it!! Free of unnecessary insecurities and fears and full of hope, courage, love and ambition in order to fulfil our dreams! I wish you the greatest of luck in your future endeavours! 🙂 your faraway ‘internet friend’ from Greece (in case you got confused by the different address)

    • Thank you, Maria 🙂 I’m really glad to hear you’ve experienced a positive shift in your outlook recently! I think it’s understandable, though, to have those moments of feeling frustrated and cynical due to the challenge of finding like-minded people who understand and appreciate us as we are. I doubt it’s easy for most people to find true friends, but as you know from your own experience, it’s way more challenging for some of us than it is for others. Maybe when the negative thoughts start entering our mind, it will help to remind ourselves that there are other people on this planet that are in a similar situation with similar thoughts and feelings. It may feel as if we’re all alone, but we’re not. Sometimes we may be separated by miles and miles and even an ocean from our kindred spirits, but they’re out there. It’s a comfort to know that, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. I have just found your blog, I look forward to finding the time to read more!
    I am an old soul and I have been since I was a baby (according to my dad!!)
    Sceptical and untrusting as a child and teenager as I was subject of bullying by a sociopathic extending family member for many years, I had very few friends. It’s taken years, but I have finally found a bit of self-love. I don’t ever apologise for who I am anymore. I have found some confidence and I plan on use it to make myself a better person so that I can make a difference!
    I like being quirky, and when I found myself liking ‘me’ more – I found more people to connect with because I’m not pretending to be someone that I’m not 🙂

    • I’m so glad to hear you’ve embraced self-love 🙂 It is the absolute first step toward helping others and making a difference in the world. Imagine how drastically different the world might be if everyone discovered self-love. I’m obviously not referring to the narcissistic, self-interested obsession that causes people to disregard the needs and feelings of others. We already have enough of that kind of selfishness on this planet. But you know, imagine if we all embraced and courageously expressed all aspects of ourselves in such a way that made it much easier to connect with more people because we were no longer hiding away parts of ourselves that others understand and can relate to. Sadly, all the hiding away and mask wearing isn’t necessarily leading to more social acceptance. I think it just creates more isolation and disconnection from each other.
      Keep being your quirky self. You can’t please all people, but I know there are some who love you exactly as you are 🙂

  4. This is absolutely true! For years now I have tried to form into someone that I wished I could’ve been, but it’s caused me more sadness and anxiety and many set backs in my life. I miss working and being involved into my spiritual life and creating bonds within my church. I will be involving in things that I enjoy the most and being around like minded people.

    • Hi Mindy, thank you for commenting. I went through a similar experience during my teen years where I tried to conform and fought hard against being my true self, but it didn’t take long before I became really disappointed with myself. I’m so glad to hear you’re getting back in touch with yourself and with what matters to you. Shine that beautiful, unique light of yours! Not only will you find it easier to love yourself by doing so, but you’re sure to inspire those who feel afraid to be themselves.

  5. I saved this page on my Bookmark bar about a year and a half ago because I knew I would frequently visit when sad or moody. Thank you for such inspiring and helpful words. I am an INFJ and it’s hard when nobody sees what you see. I always try my best though and I keep going no matter what happens.

    • Hi Dakota, I know it’s hard sometimes to be this way and to feel so alone/different. I go through periods where I feel intensely frustrated about having this personality type. Reading comments from all you INFJs help me in return when I feel sad and moody. Thank you for the kind words. That’s right, keep on keeping on!

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