All-Time Favorites

This here is a special place on my blog that is chock-full of some of my all-time favorite songs. Occasionally, I discover a really amazing song and keep it on heavy rotation for days, so I’ll throw some of those in here, too. If you like dreamy and ethereal music, sweet female vocals, fuzzy shoegaze, or slightly melancholic tunes, I imagine there might be something here for you to enjoy.

*Originally, the youtube videos were directly accessible from this page, but I have decided to condense it into a list of song titles that will send you to youtube, instead, when you click the link/song title. This just helps to clean up the page a bit and prevent any slower computers from getting bogged down with tons and tons of youtube videos trying to load. Hope that helps!

My Top 10 Favorites (All worth hearing at least once in your lifetime!):

1.) Astronaut – Lush
2.) Why Do You Love Me – Cocteau Twins
3.) I Heard You Looking – Yo La Tengo
4.) Sunbathing – Lush
5.) The End – The Doors
6.) Feedback Song – Flying Saucer Attack
7.) Bad Attitude – Lisa Germano
8.) Instrumental 1 – Windy & Carl
9.) They Suffocate at Night – Pulp
10.) Cities Will Fall – Elysian Fields

Other favorites:

Your Ghost Is Not Enough – Jessica Bailiff
Tomorrow – Natural Calamity
Consciousness – Windy & Carl
Underage – Sing-Sing
Sunday – Sonic Youth
Breezy’s Song – Shelby Flint
Half-Life, Remembered – Pale Saints
Filter Dub – Seefeel
Awhile – Windy & Carl
Innervoice – Hooverphonic
Catch the Breeze – Slowdive
Scarborough Fair – Simon & Garfunkel
Moon River – Audrey Hepburn
Bisou Magique – Melody’s Echo Chamber
And So I Know – Stone Temple Pilots
No One Ever Tells You – The Crystals
What Did He Say – Nite Jewel
Don’t Waste My Time – The Stargazer Lilies
Dress You the Same – Moose
Take the Box – Amy Winehouse
Nitetime Rainbows – A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Lullabye – Opal
Vonal Declosion – Stereolab
Tu Mi Delirio – Astrud Gilberto
8 Miles High – The Byrds
Much Better Off Than I’ve Ever Been – Ruby & the Romantics
Saved – Bowery Electric
Denied – Jana McCall
Boys – The Shirelles
That’s the Way – Led Zeppelin
Swan Song – Giant Drag
Orphan Wild – Savage Sister
Lush of Spring – Morella’s Forest
Lost in Space – OP8
Dark Bloom – Pink Playground


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