Best Ghost Videos

Due to my recent fascination with ghosts and hauntings, I’ve been watching videos on youtube where people claim to have proof of the existence of ghosts. Some of these videos are clearly fake. Then there are others that appear realistic, but I’m still not willing to trust that they’re real because too many people get a kick out of fooling people. It’s so aggravating when you’re convinced something is real, and then the original creator eventually admits that it’s fake. It makes it hard for me to watch ghost or UFO videos and not be skeptical. I want to trust that what I see is real, but too many dorks try to ruin it for me. The good thing is that in my search for evidence of ghosts and hauntings, I’ve encountered a few videos that I think are more believable than the typical ghost video and totally worth sharing.

When you have a bit of free time, check out the videos below and try to form your own opinion of whether or not you think they’re fake. Let me know if you see something suspicious or worth mentioning. Also, tell me if you know of any good ghost videos that I should watch.

My favorite videos so far were from Joseph Chansuolme. He has recorded 8 separate videos in his apartment, which he believes is haunted. I’m pretty convinced that this is the real deal! Check out his channel and watch all 8 videos to decide for yourself if you think his apartment is really haunted.

Here’s another good one that shows strange events occurring in an office building at 3 a.m. I must admit, there are a couple things about this video that make me suspicious, but I was amazed when papers came flying out a folder in the filing cabinet. If this video is fake, I must say they did a good job!

Who would’ve thought that a ghost would be hanging out at Blockbuster Video?! Nothing about this video makes me too suspicious of it being fake.

My boyfriend told me about this one. It’s of a police car chasing another car that vanished after driving into a fence. In the comments section, some people say that the driver was able to drive underneath the fence without knocking it down. I’m not sure.

So, this one isn’t exactly proof of the existence of ghosts, but it’s a short film called The Hopewell Haunting that is based on an interview that was conducted in the 1950s. A pastor claims that he encountered a ghost during the ’30s, and here is a reenactment of the event. I thought it was super creepy and much scarier than the average horror film. Before watching this film, I hoped that maybe one day I might see a ghost so I could have even more confirmation of their existence. Eh, after seeing the ghost in this video, I’ve changed my mind.